An Introduction to PHP

December 31, 2009 at 7:22 PM 1 comment

PHP commonly known as  Hypertext PreProcessor. And some of them expand it in other way Personal home Page. PHP is a the most popular open source scripting. Even some developers call it as The Language of web. It is the easiest server-side script to learn and to work with. To know more about the origin of PHP and who created it and who are all contributed to it, click here

What is a server-side scripting ?

A program resides in the server to respond the web client (browser) with a dynamic web content. Here’s a real time example, the Gmail’s sign in  form. In the login form you give your credentials (username and password) and click the submit button.  If you are valid user it will get you to your inbox otherwise ask you to enter your valid credentials. Well How Gmail validate your credentials. Yeah here server side scripting comes into the picture.  There is a piece of computer s/w program which resides in google mail server to validate your credentials and return you with a dynamic web content. And that s/w program is called as server side script or a server side program.

Why PHP ?

Even though there are many server side languages available like ASP, JSP, CFML, RoR, Python , PHP gains much more popularity than any of these. Its all because of its simplicity to learn and code. And also there are huge number of communities and forums are available on the web for PHP. Most of its syntaxes are borrowed from perl and C. Thats why its very robust and most people prefer it. Ok whats the orgin of php and who created it? Click here for the history of php.

Advantages of PHP

The following are the advantages of PHP over other languages.

  1. PHP is open source and license free. So it is cost-effectiveto develop a project using PHP.
  2. PHP is light weight. It doesn’t require much memory or system configuration to run.
  3. PHP runs on nearly every modern platform (operating system) in existence. So it is platform independent.
  4. PHP runs on both IIS and apache, the two most widely used web browsers.
  5. PHP has a huge community support and more number of learning resources available on the web.
  6. PHP has a big library of classes for all the common things needed for a web applicaiton like paging, csv export, reporting etc.
  7. PHP is faster than and JSP in both processing and rendering web pages.
  8. PHP is easier to integrate with HTML

Besides these there are many advantages of PHP over other languages. If you want to know, Click here


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